Elaine Davies Reflexology

Each session will last approximately 1 hour, however the first treatment will take a little longer as this includes a consultation to help me understand your general health, wellbeing and lifestyle so I can ensure your treatment is tailored to you. All consultations are kept strictly confidential.

During the treatment you will be sitting comfortable in a reclining chair with your shoes and socks removed.

A relaxing foot massage starts the treatment followed by the reflexology session which involves applying gentle but firm pressure to each of the reflex areas on your feet.

Individuals respond differently to reflexology and the number of sessions recommended differ to how the body responds, however most people feel that a course of 6 to 8 treatments is most beneficial when having reflexology for a particular reason. After this many people find it helps to have regular follow up sessions to maintain well being.

For relaxation purposes it is not necessary to have a course of treatments but to have reflexology as aften as you wish!

Typical Session #01

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