Elaine Davies Reflexology

What is reflexology

Reflexology is both old and new, from ancient texts reflexologists know that the Chinese, Japanese, Russians and Egyptians worked on the feet to promote good health. Modern reflexology is both a science and an art and yields best results when the reflexologist works with dedication, patience and above all loving care.

I believe there are 10 energy zones within the body and reflexology works by stimulating these zones and that the feet are a mini map of the body and all parts of the body are presented within the foot. Reflexology is not a cure, medicine as practised in the western world or a massage. It does not diagnose illness or treat specific diseases I believe it works with subtle energy flows revitalising them so the natural internal healing mechanisms of the body can do their work.

Maternity reflexology is a natural therapy and aims to support the natural event of pregnancy by using the subtle energies of the feet to create balance and harmony.

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